How to Use the Website?

Everything You Need to Know to Engage, Learn and Connect

You can use The Beat to access online classes, activities, videos and other independent learning materials safely and remotely. While remote learning and resources cannot replace in-person instruction, it can serve as a means for extending curriculum and bridging the distance between us.

We are committed to digital accessibility and inclusion. We work to make The Beat accessible to anyone, anywhere on any device. Should you experience any issues while visiting our website, please contact so we can make the necessary updates to bring the best user experience possible for all users.

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How Can I Register for a Class?

After you have browsed our upcoming class offerings you will need to complete and submit a registration form. After submitting your registration, you will be provided email confirmation along with the information needed to log on to your class via Microsoft Teams.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning, also called distance education or online learning, is offered when the learner and the instructor are not in the same physical location.

What is a Resource Center?

A resource center is a centralized hub (online library) where we can share content created by our family of organizations and community partners. AHRC Nassau’s Remote Learning and Resource Center was partially funded through the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC).

Quick Tips

Make the most of your online experience at The Beat


Advocate for your learning needs: If you require specific accommodations to participate in our online offerings, be sure to let us know at We want to make sure you are able to fully participate in your own way, and we will do our best to provide the support that we can.


Schedule breaks: We know it can be easy to spend time scrolling on the internet, but it is important to take breaks. Make sure to give your body the rest and exercise it needs.


Virtually meet and interact with your learning peers: Be sure to introduce yourself and actively participate in class discussions!

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