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Connecting Our Community Online

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Welcome to The Beat!

AHRC Nassau’s Online Learning and Resource Center featuring a variety of unique learning opportunities and resources for the people we support, their families and the greater community.

Explore and discover free classes, tools, videos, resources and more to connect with your peers, grow your skills and find support when you need it.

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Current Classes

We are excited to provide you with our current class offerings including American Sign Language (ASL) for beginners, our ‘Empowering You’ series providing the information you need to know to explore and experience the world around you as independently as possible, weekly art and music classes, self-advocacy group discussions and more!

We’ll be expanding and changing our program offerings as time goes on, so be sure to stay in touch. You can sign up to receive frequent updates regarding upcoming classes, new curriculum, updated resources and opportunities to network with your friends and the larger community.

Unlocking Access

We know that when all users have access to fully participate and engage in online experiences in their own way, we all benefit. That’s why we have designed The Beat to be accessible, inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities, including but not limited to those with impaired vision or hearing, physical disabilities and diverse approaches to learning.

Should you experience any difficulty accessing our online classes or web resources please reach out to our team at for guidance and technical support.

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